360° actionable insights into your product quality

Profilence QA Suite streamlines the entire product development process. It helps you to find the root causes that impact software’s performance, stability, functionality, and power consumption, based on data collected from QA runs done in R&D laboratories, and telemetry information from products on the field.

Collect QA data from facilities around the world

The majority of QA data is collected in R&D laboratories, where devices being analyzed are connected to computers running Profilence software. Our QA Suite is designed for global development organizations: if you have facilities around the world, they can all enroll in the system and start producing QA data that is then sent to our quality analytics backend for centralized processing.

The best thing is: you don’t need to make any modifications to your devices prior to taking our QA Suite in use. You start to see quality analysis results on day 1!


Complement lab results with data from the field

There are always some corner cases that are difficult to model in laboratory conditions. That’s where our telemetry solution comes in: it collects complimentary QA data from devices that are ongoing field trials or are already shipped to end-users. It’s designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive so that it does not disturb the user when running. QA data is sent to our quality analytics backend when the device is idle.

Issues discovered in the field have a high correlation rate with laboratory QA runs. Therefore, long-term modeling in laboratories should always have the highest priority in your QA processes.

Get actionable insights

The quality analytics backend is the brain of the QA Suite: it receives data from your global R&D sites and the field, consolidates it, runs analytics, does root cause analysis, and finally composes dashboards where the findings are presented in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. It provides a real-time view of your current quality level, trends, the most pressing issues, and the reasons behind them. And let’s not forget: what’s the impact on end-user experience?

It’s a single source of truth: instead of having data stored in various silos, you now have a central location where product management, QA teams, and engineers get all the information they need. Information flows smoothly, everyone is on the same page, and issues are fixed and verified promptly.

The QA Suite analyzes:


Stability analysis discovers hidden issues that break the system in long-term use: issues, which go unnoticed in typical regression testing, such as memory and other resource leaks.


Performance analysis reveals bottlenecks for responsive and smooth UI experience, detects resource hungry processes and functions, and faults in UI code.

Energy consumption

Estimates expected energy consumption per user profile. The analysis detects energy consumption at the use case level for system/OS and individual apps and the reasons behind high consumption.


Detailed information of functionality on each test iteration: break-down of test cases and causes of failures. Video, screen captures and view details available for each test step in a test case.

It helps:

Product managers

to get the big picture: where are we heading? All data from multiple R&D sites and the field consolidated on a single dashboard.

Engineering teams

to fix and verify issues fast by providing them with all the data they need in real-time, and making collaboration between teams smoother.

QA teams

to stay on top of things; internal QA findings are verified, and nothing goes unnoticed.

When solving problems for our customers, we address the root cause and not the symptoms. Profilence QA Suite is the solution of choice by our Android specialists because it is scalable and robust on testing and very unique in analytics.
Miikka Kirveskoski - CTO, NE Device SW

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