Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

2. Controller and Contact Details

3. Processing of your Personal Data

3.1. Collecting Personal Data with your Assistance

3.1.1. Enquiries via e-mail

3.1.2. Enquiries via Contact/ Request Form

  • First and Last Name
  • E-mail-address*
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Job-title
  • Country
  • Message/ Purpose*

3.1.3. Newsletter Subscribing to our newsletter Hubspot Unsubscribing to the newsletter

3.2. Collection of Personal Data without your Involvement

3.2.1. Logfiles and (session) cookies

  • Your computer IP address
  • The client’s file request (filename and URL)
  • http status code
  • The website you are visiting us from

3.2.2. Google Tracking Tools

  • By setting your browser software accordingly; in particular, by suppressing third party cookies, you will not receive any third party ads. But, please, note you may then not be able to use all the functionalities we offer in full;
  • By installing the plug-in which Google provides at;
  • By deactivating the interest-related ads of providers who belong to the About Ads campaign via Please note: This setting will be deleted when you delete your cookies. Google Universal Analytics
  • Browser type/version
  • The operating system you are using
  • Referrer URL (last site you visited)
  • Accessing computer’s host name (IP address)
  • Time server request made
  • Achieving ‘website targets’ (e.g. contact requests)
  • What you do on sites (e.g. clicks, scrolling and dwell time)
  • Roughly where you are (city, state)
  • Technical information like browsers, Internet providers, terminal and screen resolution
  • Where you came from (i.e. via what website and/or ad you contacted us). Google Tag Manager

3.2.3. HubSpot Analytics

3.2.4. Video Frames via Vimeo

4. Disclosure of Information to Other Third Parties

4.1. Disclosure to External Service Providers

  • For content design and development of the Website:
    Your personal data will be sent to [Please enter name and address of the agency as well as a link to their privacy policy]
  • For marketing and administrative purposes:
    Some of our sales partners located outside the EEA will have access to our marketing data to the extent required

4.2. Statutory Disclosure

5. Location of Data Processing and Data Security

6. Storage Time

7. What are your Rights?

8. Changes to this Privacy Policy