We lead automotive software to the new era of quality awareness.

With our revolutionary solution, you can accelerate software development cycles by discovering hard-to-find issues early and providing engineering teams access to debug info in real-time.

HMI development revolution

Today’s automotive HMI development and testing rely on outdated and non-scalable methodologies: collecting telemetry data from field trials and end-users, and using e.g., robot fingers for automated HMI test cases.

It takes a lot of time to get an understanding of the current SW quality level, and severe software defects might still go unnoticed. Unexpected issues are reported during field trials and by end-users.

Profilence has the technology and know-how to model long-term driver experience in laboratory conditions credibly. Our vast libraries of user behavioral patterns that we have gathered over the years allow us to exercise the system under analysis as an end-user would, but at a much faster pace.



Discover and triage hard-to-find issues well before the software is deployed to actual vehicles – avoid escalations and risks.

Laboratory conditions

Shift the focus from end-user telemetry analysis to modeling end-users' HMI usage in laboratory conditions. You get the data from the lab in just a few days, so your product development cycle speeds up enormously.

Long-term usage

Our solution runs various use cases from tens to hundreds of hours, modeling months of actual automotive infotainment use.

UI video and logs

For each issue discovered, a UI video shows how the driver or passenger would have experienced the error. You will see the user impact immediately!

Broad scope

Our methodology covers the entire HMI SW stack, and can be extended to cover hypervisors, instrument clusters, ECUs, and other interconnected entities.

Find root causes

Our system pinpoints root causes and provides all the technical debug data needed to fix them without having to repeat test cases manually.

Revolutionize your HMI development with Profilence – Download our Haleytek Case Study

Case Haleytek – from escalations to improved quality awareness

Today’s automotive HMI development and testing rely on outdated and non-scalable methodologies: collecting telemetry data from field trials and end-users and using, e.g., robot fingers for automated HMI test cases. The problems with these methods are that understanding the current SW quality level takes a lot of time, and severe software defects might still go unnoticed. Many software developers face these challenges daily. This was also the case with Haleytek.

With Profilence QA services, Haleytek expanded their testing tools and analysis capabilities to a new level. Learn more in our detailed case study!

Download our Haleytek Case Study Whitepaper to:

  • Discover methods for detecting and resolving issues to avoid escalations.
  • Learn how Haleytek successfully expanded their testing methods and improved their quality awareness.
  • Find out six reasons why Haleytek chose Profilence QA services.
  • Gain insights into how Profilence's QA services can enhance your software to the new era of quality awareness.


Profilence QA services in automotive are all-in-one solutions that complete your existing systems.

Our dashboard provides a real-time 360° view into your current quality level and trends to help you get the big picture, find the most pressing issues, and understand their impact on end-users. Based on the findings, you can prioritize your actions accordingly to fix the problems faster.

Discovering and fixing issues at an early stage avoids lengthy and costly bug-fixing cycles – whether your vehicle is already on the market or just in the development phase.

Our services:

  • Stability and performance analysis in labs: find out how well your automotive HMI works in long-term use. With our modeling technology, you get the results with test rigs in days!
  • Stability analysis on wheels: run our stability lab setup in a test car and discover rare corner cases to complement your lab QA data.
  • Fleet data analysis with telemetry: collect complementary QA data with the Profilence telemetry client, when your vehicles are already on markets.
  • Energy consumption analysis: learn how infotainment energy consumption changes over time. Don’t let infotainment systems drain the battery – they only turn off when running out of power.
If these kinds of issues reached our end-users, it would immediately mean escalation. We would gather our task forces and start to examine the situation, working nights and weekends. In the worst-case scenario we wouldn’t have enough debug info – or the report just says “infotainment crashes”. As a result of the escalation, our other ongoing projects would be put on hold.
Nicolás Gattario - Engineering Manager, HaleyTek

Profilence QA solutions in automotive HMI

Our solution models the HMI usage programmatically: instead of waiting for the possibility of field testing, we can model the driver’s behavior in laboratory conditions at an early stage.

The data you previously received from the field after weeks or months is available in the lab in a much more comprehensive form in just a few days. Unlike insufficient field data that may have left the root cause unexplained, Profilence QA Suite gives you complete information about why something happened so your engineers can immediately get to the heart of the problem.

All QA data is consolidated and available in a web dashboard, enabling efficient debugging and fluent cooperation between developers and product management.

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