We are a trusted partner for Android, Linux and iOS developers to ensure positive customer experience.

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Reliably and efficiently estimate how stable, performant and energy friendly your Android Automotive in-car infotainment systems will remain in real, long term use.

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We provide Stability Testing and Analysis for Medical Device developers.

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Battery consumption and Stability testing and analysis for AR and VR Glass developers.

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We built the most advanced and complete technology platform to test and analyze Android, Linux and iOS devices and Enterprise applications.

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Profilence Analytics

Predictive Analytics for data driven decision making. Integrates with any test solution.

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Profilence Platform

Technical Quality Testing and Analysis for Android, Linux and iOS device and Enterprise application developers.

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Profilence Telemetry

Secure and real time telemetry client for Android and Linux based devices. Tool for field testing and monitoring end user experience.

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World’s leading Android and Linux experts at your service. We are here to help you succeed.

Technical Quality Analysis as a service. Including Stability, Functionality, Performance and Battery consumption testing and analysis. We analyze results and report all findings and root causes for issues.

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We offer customized solutions for mobile, medical, IoT, wearables and Telecom industries to ensure technical product quality and positive customer experience to maximize product ROI.

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What can you analyze with Profilence Platform

The most advanced technology platform to analyze Android, Linux and iOS devices and Enterprise applications stability, performance, functionality and battery consumption.





Call audio

Network access

Field testing

Beta testing

“We wanted to ensure the reliability of a major system update for our M600 Android Wear watch. With the help of Profilence services, we were able to detect and fix issues through the software stack: issues which would have been hard to find in standard functional testing. SW update was delivered in schedule and with a great confidence of its performance in long term usage”

Jukka Oikarinen, Software project manager, Android Wear product Polar M600

“Bittium Tough Mobile is designed for professional use and therefore our clients’ have very strict requirements for stability. With Profilence’s expertise and services we were able to weed out hard to find bugs and we can be confident on the stability of our product.”

Janne Lääkkö, SW Project Manager, Bittium

“During the development of Marshall London we encountered some problems which were very difficult to reproduce with standard testing procedures. No more than a week after taking Tau in use we had test scripts ready, tests executed, and the needed data available for solving the problems”

Konrad Bergström, President, Zound Industries

“Profilence’s technology and services have made it possible for us to develop an Android device without a large testing team. We are always aware of the main software stability and what areas we need to continue to improve and optimize.”

Conor Lennon, Project Manager, Solita

“When solving problems for our customers, we address the root cause and not the symptoms. Profilence Tau is the tool of choice by our Android specialists because it is scalable and robust on testing, and very unique in analytics.”

Miikka Kirveskoski, CTO, NE Device SW

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