QA as a Service

24/7 forecast of your product's failure rate - as a service

Analyzing complex systems produces a lot of QA data that can hide the root causes of failures. In addition, conducting the quality analysis can be costly and time-consuming.

Instead of drowning in the overwhelming data, let us do the heavy lifting of quality assurance for you, saving you time and resources!

Our QA methodologies provide you with a real-time view of the most critical issues, their root causes, probabilities of occurrence, and impacts on end users.

This way, you can get to the heart of the problem and solve it!

Focus 100% on developing your product by outsourcing QA

Tired of insufficient information and searching for software bugs? By outsourcing your software’s quality assurance services to Profilence, you get comprehensive visibility into your product and information about the origin of problems in one place.

Take advantage of Profilence’s more than 15 years of development work on analysis, and use your time to focus on product development and problem-solving.

Our team of experts will assist you in understanding how to improve your processes to improve the overall efficiency of your product.

Profilence QA services do not compete with your testings but expand your vision by providing comprehensive data and discovering the root causes of problems.


Focus on product development

Use the result of Profilence's over 15 years of development work to create data and focus 100 % on developing your product.

Get the big picture

Profilence dashboard provides a 360° view of your current quality level and trends. The data obtained is more valuable and useful than the data produced by a single testing method.

Ongoing process

Analyze the product continuously throughout the product's life cycle, from day one to when the end user uses the product.

Solve problems in advance

Anticipate customer issues and fix them before the product reaches the end user to create the most user-friendly result.

Real-time data

Let the data tell the truth: see the data in real-time from the dashboard. Then, use data to understand and predict how devices will perform long-term.

Cost-effective and reliable

Profilence QA Suite does not replace your existing processes but is a natural addition to them to obtain high-quality and reliable data.

Analyze from day one

As soon as the device starts up, you can put it to the test. The sooner you start testing, the earlier you can find errors and take the necessary steps to correct them.

If you wait for that “good enough software,” it is often too late to react when the analysis is ready, and you might face many problems that are hard to fix.

Analyze from day one to save time, effort, and money.

Our QA service modules

Stability and performance analysis

Analysis of how well a device works in long-term use. Does it become unstable over time, and does its performance degrade?

Energy consumption analysis

Analysis of how energy consumption affects the device and changes over time. Are the issues with energy consumption: does it go up in long-term use? Is it higher than with previous software releases?

Remote field testing

Connect Profilence QA hardware with devices on the field and determine how different conditions affect the device. For example, are there call audio, stability, and reliability issues that only occur under certain conditions on the field?

Field data analysis with telemetry

Harness your pilot testing group with Profilence telemetry: QA data flows to our backend automatically for analysis, while they can focus on using the devices. As a bonus, you'll see how active the group actually is.

Having Profilence support us with their distinctive QA service has been highly beneficial for us. Their collaborative approach and expertise helped discover underlying issues that allowed us to take our software quality to the next level. If you are a company looking to improve your software quality, we highly recommend Profilence.
Krish Panyandee - Quality Team Lead, Fairphone

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