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Ensure finding defects before end-users do

Profilence Quality Analytics Suite assembles and analyses all QA test data providing the prioritized summary of software stability, performance, power consumption, and functionality levels in one sight.

Improve quality awareness

Can you be 100% sure of your product’s customer experience? What is the product’s estimated quality at the launch date?

Today’s software QA is highly automated and performant in the mobile device segment, but the problem is QA data fragmentation.

The amount of data produced in different tests via various methods is unbearable – it takes weeks to sort out the root causes of hard and soft resets, crashes, freezes and memory leaks.

What if you had a realtime QA dashboard that has all the data from different sources available in a prioritized, structured format, with root causes already identified?

We wanted to ensure the reliability of a major system update for our M600 Android Wear watch. With the help of Profilence, we were able to detect and fix issues throughout the software stack: issues that would have been hard to find in standard functional testing. SW update was delivered on schedule and with great confidence in its performance in long-term usage.
Jukka Oikarinen - Android Software Project Manager, Polar


Get the big picture

Profilence dashboard provides a real-time 360° view into your current quality level and trends. See the most pressing issues instantly and understand their impact on end-users. Then, prioritize your actions accordingly, while monitoring your value chain's performance.

See the root causes

We don't give you a list of issues. Instead, you get data that pinpoints their root causes, enabling you to fix them fast without having to reproduce them first. As a result, your discovery-fix-verification cycles become shorter, and you treat the actual root causes, not symptoms.

Collaborate across the value chain

All QA data, including logs, crash dumps, UI videos, etc., are accessible via the dashboard, and easily shared between internal teams and value chain partners across the globe. Avoid inefficiencies, miscommunications, and data lost in translation.

Model long-term usage

Our methodology models long-term use by your customers. Get data on how a product would behave after months of use, in a matter of days in your labs. No more surprises with quality degradation over time!

Avoid brand erosion

By keeping your software release quality at a high level - at product launch and with subsequent software updates, you avoid negative end-user feedback and brand erosion. Never let your end-users be the first ones to discover hard-to-find defects!

Improve cost-efficiency

By discovering and fixing issues early, you avoid lengthy and costly bug fixing cycles - especially if your product is already on markets. Profilence solutions are complementary to your existing QA systems and require no modifications to them.

Profilence QA Suite

Profilence Quality Analytics Suite and services are a cost-efficient and powerful methodology to model product’s reliability, as experienced by end users in long-term use.

When all QA data is consolidated and available in a web dashboard, it enables efficient debugging and fluent cooperation between developers and product management globally. Everyone is on the same page, there are no miscommunications, and issues are resolved fast.

In the long run, our solution leads to higher end-user satisfaction.

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