About us

Profilence was founded by ex-Nokia engineers Mikko Keskitalo, Mika Mikkelä and Sami Utriainen, the pioneers of Stability Testing. The founding team has decades of experience and a strong background in the field, all the way from the early days of Nokia mobile phones.

Founders played the key roles at Nokia building the internal stability testing processes and tools for the Nokia mobile phones, which were recognized as best-in class devices around the world and famous for their reliability and stability.

When Microsoft acquired Nokia mobile phones, the team came together and decided to continue to work with their vision they started at Nokia. We continue to focus on helping companies build the most high quality products in the world. Since its founding 2015, Profilence has worked with multiple world´s leading Android and Linux developers and helped ship dozens of successful products.

Management team

Mikko Keskitalo

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Sami Utriainen

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Mika Mikkelä

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder