From Guesstimates to Factimates

Accelerate your data driven software development with our world-changing methodology.

Profilence Quality Analytics Suite finds the root causes of software defects. The most advanced platform gives real-time feedback to the whole OEM ecosystem.

Why us?

We do the heavy lifting of issue detection and root cause analysis on your products to help avoid unpleasant surprises later on. With our expertise, you will know what to focus on.

Imagine your entire product development process streamlined. We have invested tens of person-years in developing novel QA methodologies that detail defects impacting software stability, performance, functionality, and power consumption.

Our QA data ultimately leads to higher end-user satisfaction as hard-to-find glitches are caught and fixed early in product development before they reach your customers.

  • Detect issues early
  • Save time and effort
  • Follow quality KPIs and trends on a real-time QA dashboard
  • Ensure software quality and performance
  • Complement your existing QA systems

Our services

Profilence quality assurance services are world-changing entirety for software development. Our services find and solve problems before others even realize they exist!

  • Stability and performance analysis: find out how well a device works in long-term use.
  • Energy consumption analysis: learn how energy consumption affects the device and changes over time.
  • Remote field testing: connect Profilence QA hardware with devices on the field and determine how different conditions affect the device.
  • Field data analysis with telemetry: collect data from the field via the Profilence telemetry client.


Get the big picture

Profilence dashboard provides a real-time 360° view of your current quality level and trends. See the most pressing issues instantly and understand their impact on end-users. Then, prioritize your actions accordingly while monitoring your value chain's performance.

See the root causes

We don't give you a list of issues. Instead, you get data that pinpoints their root causes, enabling you to fix them fast without reproducing them first. As a result, your discovery-fix-verification cycles become shorter, and you treat the actual root causes, not symptoms.

Collaborate across the value chain

All QA data, including logs, crash dumps, UI videos, etc., are accessible via the dashboard and easily shared between internal teams and value chain partners across the globe. Avoid inefficiencies, miscommunications, and data loss in translation.

Model long-term usage

Our methodology models long-term use by your customers. Get data on how a product would behave after months of usage in a matter of days in your labs. No more surprises with quality degradation over time!

Avoid brand erosion

By keeping your software release quality high - at the product launch and with subsequent software updates, you avoid negative end-user feedback and brand erosion. Never let your end-users be the first ones to discover hard-to-find defects!

Improve cost-efficiency

Discovering and fixing issues early avoids lengthy and costly bug-fixing cycles - especially if your product is already on the market.

Free download

The Philosophy of Stability Analysis

Stability analysis is the practice of ensuring the software under analysis works as intended not only immediately after being released but also after days, weeks or months of continuous usage. In this e-book, we cover:

  • What do we mean by the philosophy of stability analysis
  • Product development team frustrations that stability analysis can solve
  • Eight ways stability analysis can solve product development challenges
  • What are the benefits of stability analysis compared to functional testing and telemetry diagnostics
  • Real-life experiences and cases from our customers that stability analysis has helped
Profllence is a trusted partner for Fairphone, ensuring software quality for our sustainable, long-lasting smartphones. They provide unbiased and continuous visibility into software quality throughout the device's life cycle. This is important to us as it contributes to the longevity of our handsets.
Mark ter Avest - Service Operations Manager, Fairphone
  • TomTom Digital Cockpit
  • TomTom Digital Cockpit

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