Our Car HMI Europe 2023 keynote

  • What are some typical infotainment quality issues we have encountered in customer projects
  • Why passing xTS tests is not an indicator of your product being ready for markets
  • What quality assurance services Profilence and P3 Group provide to help you in this field

Related online resources for downloading

The Philosophy of Stability Analysis

Stability analysis is the practice of ensuring the software under analysis works as intended not only immediately after being released but also after days, weeks or months of continuous usage.

In this e-book, we cover:

  • What do we mean by the philosophy of stability analysis
  • Product development team frustrations that stability analysis can solve
  • Eight ways stability analysis can solve product development challenges
  • What are the benefits of stability analysis compared to functional testing and telemetry diagnostics
  • Real-life experiences and cases from our customers that stability analysis has helped

Haleytek case study

Today’s automotive HMI development and testing rely on outdated and non-scalable methodologies: collecting telemetry data from field trials and end-users and using, e.g., robot fingers for automated HMI test cases. The problems with these methods are that understanding the current SW quality level takes a lot of time, and severe software defects might still go unnoticed. Many software developers face these challenges daily. This was also the case with Haleytek.

With Profilence QA services, Haleytek expanded their testing tools and analysis capabilities to a new level. Learn more in our detailed case study!

Download our Haleytek Case Study Whitepaper to:

  • Discover methods for detecting and resolving issues to avoid escalations.
  • Learn how Haleytek successfully expanded their testing methods and improved their quality awareness.
  • Find out six reasons why Haleytek chose Profilence QA services.
  • Gain insights into how Profilence’s QA services can enhance your software to the new era of quality awareness.