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Our engineers with years of experience and a proven track record are ready to help you deliver great products.

Get started or outsource testing completely

Whether you are looking for help to get started or to outsource stability testing completely we can assist.

“Bittium Tough Mobile is designed for professional use and therefore our clients’ have very strict requirements for stability. With Profilence’s expertise and services we were able to weed out hard to find bugs and we can be confident on the stability of our product.”
– Janne Lääkkö, SW Project Manager, Bittium

Automated testing ramp up

If you’re planning automating your testing and purchasing Tau licenses we can help you get started as quickly as possible.

For OEMs, ODMs and carriers Profilence provides a test set of end-to-end UI test cases that covers all of the common use cases including (but not limited to):



Web browsing


Social media

...and more

The test set is kept up to date for latest vanilla Android release and can be quickly adapted to to your customized UI, menus and launcher

If you’re developing an Android application the bundled tests provide good examples and building blocks for you to use. We can also create the automated test cases from your manual existing manual test steps.

Stability testing as a service

Profilence also provides a complete stability testing solution as a service consisting of:

  • Test set planning
  • Scripting of automated tests
  • Continuous test execution
  • Analysis of results
  • Bug reports to development
  • High level reports on progress and readiness to market
  • Benchmarking of your product against the competition

In stability testing as a service one of our engineers will be assigned as an external member of your team for the duration of the project. The devices under test can be placed either in your own premises and we can handle the test setup remotely or in our lab in Finland.

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