Full scale system test automation

Interested in knowing how your software really performs over time?

Tau was designed for this purpose - to automate testing of the whole system for long periods of time to see how it truly works after a day, week or a month of real life usage.

Built for long term stability testing

Tau was purposefully designed to be able to run tests unsupervised for days to model how your software really behaves in the long run.

Recovery from device failures and connection issues, handling popups and other similar seemingly random events and zero instrumentation all enable testing that simulates extended real life usage as closely as possible.

How does it work?

Tau consists of two components – the PC side Tau client and the lightweight Tau service inside the Android device. Once you connect an Android device to a PC running the Tau client, it will automatically setup the Tau service on the device through the Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

As the control logic resides on the PC side, Tau can easily recover from device resets, freezes or USB connection issues.

That’s it. All you need is USB debugging enabled on your device, no other modifications are needed. No need to root your device or modify your software.

Design your tests

The test case studio enables high productivity and lowers the learning curve in creating robust test cases. Plug in your device to your PC and Tau will automatically generate script code as you continue to use the device – either by point and click through the PC client or by touching the real device screen.

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