Powerful profiling & analysis suite

What good is finding bugs if you can't solve them?

Tau includes a host of logging, profiling and analysis features to help developers understand and fix problems as fast as possible.

Automated bug detection

Tau constantly monitors how resources like memory, battery or CPU are being used and will automatically pinpoint potential problems that could have been otherwise easily missed. These can be, for example, memory leaks, bad UI performance or bugs that cause unnecessary battery drain.

Automated performance testing

Tau measures frame rate for each test case and visualizes when and where the foreground app was rendering at less than the smooth 60 frames per second. Activity launch times are also recorded automatically.

Use it in long term testing to check if your apps are getting slower over time or combine with continuous integration system to add automated performance testing to your development process.

Benchmark your device with the Stability Score

Tau calculates a score for your device that includes all major crashes, freezes and resets that were visible to the end user and thus had a negative effect on user experience.

The stability score and the categorized report make it easy to compare subsequent releases or to benchmark your product with other similar devices.

Customizable workbench UI to meet any task

The window based Tau GUI can be quickly rearranged to make use of logs and visualizations. Easily modify the layout from test case design to fit your current bug investigation task.

Time based synchronization

Every type of data - test results, logs, video, profiling data - in Tau is timestamped. This allows developers to easily cross check data from multiple sources leading to faster problem solving. Need to check what was on the device’s screen at this particular line in the log? Simply click on the line and the video will automatically focus itself in to the same time. The same works for every type of data.

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