A solution for the whole team

All of your test results and data under one domain with Tau Cloud

Access from anywhere

All test results accessible from a browser.

Typically it takes more than one person to fix a bug. Using our Tau Cloud service anyone, anywhere in your team can access all test data using a web browser. They’ll get the same powerful workbench UI as someone using the desktop client. No compromises here.

Tau Cloud makes it much easier for people and teams work together even in different sites.

Designed to be easy and quick

All you need to do is request a free sub domain from us – for example company.profilence.com – and start sharing the data from your test stations.

No need to configure firewalls. Standard PC hardware will do just fine. None of your data is kept on our servers and all communication is SSL encrypted.

Link directly to bugs

Create & share permanent hyperlinks to specific moments in time.

Need to show this particular part in a log to a colleague? Link it. Need to show this chart to others? Link it.

As you browse the data, Tau keeps itself up to date by updating the URL in your browser’s address bar. If you want to share or store your location simply copy and paste the address.

Ready to get started?

Request a free trial

Want to see it in action? Go to https://demo.profilence.com (use username “demo”, password “profilence2018”)

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