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Technical Quality Analysis

Discover stability, performance, functionality or battery consumption issues with your product. Ensure that your product is ready and does not fail in long term customer use.





Services process

1. Set up

We plan how to test and analyze the product. We plan and create test cases.

2. Run tests

We run all tests with Profilence platform.

3. Analyze

We analyze test results and the root causes for the issues.

4. Report

We report all findings and recommendations of how to resolve issues.

Medical Device developers

We have a long working history with Medical device developers and the experience and knowledge of the requirements set by FDA for Medical devices. Our Profilence platform has been validated and verified for FDA as part of Medical device development.

High Standard devices

We have customized services for example for high security, rugged and wearable devices, and for industrial, financial and banking systems.

Product Benchmarking

Interested to know how you stand against your competition? We can help you benchmark your products standing against competing products on the market.


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