Our Technical Quality Testing and Analysis platform provides you data to quickly resolve the root cause for any Stability, Performance, functionality or Battery consumption issues with your product.


Is the product going to fail in long term customer use.


What is the speed and responsiveness of the product.

Battery consumption

Is the battery going to last as long as promised in customers use.


Are the products functions working as specified.

Predictive analysis

Maximize ROI by making right data driven decisions

Success in product development process

Is the product development project moving forward as planned? Can we launch the product on time?

Product quality and market readiness

Is the product ready for market launch? What is the product´s estimated quality at the launch date?

Field failure and return rates

Is the customer experience going to be positive or does product fail in long term customer use?

Integrates with any test solution

Add Profilence Analytics into your test solution without a need to change anything.

Easy profiling

Maximize your efficiency by quickly discovering and resolving issues

Top issue prioritizing

Focus on fixing right issues.

Automated profiling

Quickly profile the problems and resolve the issues.

Quick problem solving

Get rid of non-reducible bugs and uncertainty.

Easy collaboration

Easily link and share findings among your colleagues.

Efficient testing

Quickly find problems and share the findings easily

Automatically share findings

Run tests and automatically share your findings with development teams.

Connects with any test automation

You can use your existing tools, no need to change anything.

Run stability, performance, functionality and battery consumption testing

Profilence platform is a full scale test automation system to discover technical product quality issues.

Web Dashboard

All test results and analytics accessible from a browser.

Profilence Platform

Analyzes all data and displays results and analytics on the web dashboard

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  • Zeta

    Integrates Profilence Analytics with any test solution.

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  • PSI

    Telemetry client running directly in Android or Linux based devices.

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  • Tau

    Full scale test automation solution for testing Android based systems for long periods of time.

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Profilence platform can be connected with any Android, Linux or iOS based devices and Enterprise applications.

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