Back End Developer

We’re looking for a back end developer (junior or senior) to help on development of our key asset – a collection of micro services that together process and analyze all incoming testing and telemetry data. You’ll get to work with brand new technologies implementing new features that have a clear and direct impact to our product and business.

Profilence provides test automation and analytics solutions for primarily for smart device, automotive and medical device industries. Our Profilence Tau test automation platform is the most in depth solution in the market and provides comparable information to pilot testing at a fraction of the costs while our Profilence Psi telemetry solution can effortlessly detect even small errors from thousands of devices. Our clients range from small startups to large corporations around the world. Profilence was founded in 2015 and we’ve grown fast in the past few years.

As a Back End Developer you will be working on the key part of our product offering – our backend service stack. The Profilence server is fed data in real time from potentially hundreds of test automation environments and telemetry sources. The server archives, analyzes and clusters this data to find stability issues, memory leaks, performance problems and similar major issues affecting the end users of our clients.

The platform consists of micro services implemented in .Net Core and Clojure and make heavy use of Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, gRPC and RabbitMQ. A continuous integration environment automatically builds this into Docker images enabling us to deploy updates and new features very frequently. We do not expect you to be familiar with all of the above technologies, but experience on some and a willingness to learn goes a long way.

You will be mainly developing new features based on business needs. You’ll have a say in selecting your tools and on expanding the technology stack as necessary. We value an open mindset towards new technologies and practices.

We offer a no nonsense, relaxed and informal workplace atmosphere in growing, profitable startup developing cutting edge technology.

This position is located in Oulu, Finland.