Test Automation Engineer

We’re looking for test automation engineers to provide our clients with stability testing as a service using Profilence’s testing and analysis tools.

In a stability testing project we either adapt our existing test sets to fit the software under tests, design & develop new tests from scratch or integrate a testing framework and tests provided by a client to our analysis tools. Regardless of the approach, the resulting stability and performance issues are analyzed by us and composed into a report that is supplied to the client.

Our clients range from small start ups to large well known enterprises that mostly develop either embedded devices or apps for mobile platforms (Android & iOS). As this is a directly customer facing position we appreciate capability of taking responsibility of deliverables.

As a summary, tasks include:

– Designing tests to fit the intended use of the product
– Developing automated tests (typically with Python)
– Integrating 3rd party automated testing frameworks used by clients to our platform
– Analyzing stability and performance of the software under test from test results

We’re looking people for both junior and senior positions, so don’t be afraid to apply. Here are examples of what kind of skills and experience we’re looking for:

– At minimum we need you to be able to demonstrate ability to script with at least one programming language, preferably with Python
– Experience with test automation frameworks and drivers like Robot Framework, Appium, etc. is a big plus
– Understanding of what makes embedded devices tick is highly valued. Bonus points if you know your way around Linux and Android.
– Knowledge on common CI/CD tools and processes will be helpful
– Naturally, experience on automating non-functional testing for embedded devices is highly appreciated*

What we can offer to you is a no nonsense, relaxed and informal workplace atmosphere in a growing, profitable startup developing cutting edge technology.

This position is located in Oulu, Finland.

*What are you waiting for? This position was created for you, silly.